Catherine Anderson~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Here to Stay

Catherine Anderson


Mass Market

978 0451232410



Catherine Anderson returns to the "Harrigan" series.  This one focuses on ladies' man and horseman, Zach Harrigan.  Zach owns a ranch in Oregon and has decided to try his hand at training mini-horses to serve as guides for the blind.  In the process of doing so, he meets Mandy Pajeck, who is interested in getting a guide horse for her blind nineteen‑year‑old brother, Luke, who depends on her for everything.  As Zach gets to know Mandy and Luke, he finds out about the past abuse they have suffered.  Determined to help both Mandy and Luke find healthy lives for themselves, he must delve into their past which unearths secrets, shame, and a horrible crime.  While the process is painful, Mandy and Luke learn to love, trust, and live once again.

Anderson has a special knack for getting readers to love her characters.  This book is no exception.  Your heartstrings will be tugged as you learn about the past that Mandy and Luke have endured.  But a smile will be on your face as you watch Zach work his magic on both of their lives. 

Rhonda Larson