Catherine Mann ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Catherine Mann

Sourcebooks Casablanca

Mass Market




Wade is a para-rescue man.  He and his teammates receive word that hikers are lost in Alaska.  Four men are rescued, but infrared shows one person still on the ground. The weather has gotten too bad for the chopper to land, so Wade parachutes to the rescue.

Sunny doesn't need rescuing. What she needs is for Wade to leave her alone. When she was a teen, her brother needed to hide from the government, so Sunny's family moved to a small village that's completely off the grid. The last thing she needs is to have a military man bring her home.

Wade and Sunny discover two murder victims in a crevasse. It turns out that the people who've been leaving Sunny's village to rejoin society have been killed instead. The local deputy starts shooting at Wade and Sunny right after they find the bodies. Meanwhile, Sunny's sister is preparing to leave the village with the same deputy. Sunny needs to warn her that it's not safe, but a larger plot comes to light. Wade must find a way to save the sister of the woman he has fallen for and prevent a major catastrophe at the same time.

This is the beginning of an exciting new series. Although some readers may be offended by the language sprinkled throughout, it's a very good book.


Sheila Griffin