Cheyenne McCray~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Clay: Armed & Dangerous

Cheyenne McCray

St. Martin's Griffin

Trade Paperback




Rylie Thorn is a rancher in a long line of ranchers, and that is the only thing in her life she wants to commit to. After growing up in a broken home, she has come to realize that no one completely commits to another, that is the life lesson her parents taught her. When she met the new sheriff in town, Clay Wayland, who is investigating the string of crimes against the ranchers, all she can think of is him touching her from head to toe. What else would she want from a man that she would never give herself to wholeheartedly?

Sheriff Clay Wayland is new to town, and his first big job is to find out who is doing all the stealing from the ranchers. When he meets he fiery rancher Rylie Thorn, his body wants to say hello, too. But he has a job to do, and it does not include a woman who was one of the victims.  When he finds that she is also out looking for those responsible for the crimes, it sets his blood on fire, and not due to anger. He wants this woman badly, and has to have her. Soon he does and wants to tame her fires so he can keep her.

Clay and Rylie are so hot for each other that their lives are on fire. Will the fires of passion be enough or will it take more for that passion to turn into a relationship for them to stay together?  Cheyenne McCray has written a romantic mystery with fast-paced action and just enough sexual heat that will have the readers sweating and ready for more.

Melody Prater


Kade:  Armed and Dangerous
Cheyenne McCray
St. Martin's Griffin  Trade Paperback



Kade Owens was bone‑weary and more than ready to return home to sunny Arizona.  San Francisco was all right to visit, and he dearly loved visiting his sister and the twins, but the constant fog and drizzly skies was really getting to him. Besides, his son was waiting for him, and he needed to get back to work. As an Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Border Patrol, Kade was always on the lookout for coyotes, the people‑smugglers, and especially their leader who called himself El Torero, the Bull.  So far El Torero had eluded him, but he was determined to put a stop to the inhumane human trafficking. And, since his wife had died five years previously, except for his son and loving family, his job was all he had or wanted. But as he sat in the airport waiting for his plane, he spotted one of the most interesting women he had seen or paid attention to in a long while. She was hunched over a laptop typing furiously, but somehow managed to make it look sexy--or else it really had been too long since his last date. Then when he found himself in the middle seat of the plane where he almost never sat because of his size, his seat companions turned out to be a talkative elderly lady and the beauty from the airport who was failing miserably at trying to not look terrified.

Kelsey Nichols was glad her editor had liked her idea of a story on the illegal immigration problem, but hadn't realized that would mean she'd have to fly to Arizona to research her story. Kelsey was terrified of flying and had been ever since she lost her parents and only sister in a plane crash where she was the only survivor. But going to Arizona was a good idea because it was the first trip she had taken since her divorce, and getting out of the city would help clear her mind of bad memories. The magazine had arranged for her to stay with the family of a Border Patrol Agent in Tucson so she could get both sides of the story. But if the plane didn't stop shaking--or maybe that was her-- she'd never make it to Tucson. Then a big, warm hand engulfed hers, and a low, sexy drawl said, "It's all right, ma'am. I won't let anything happen to you."

            Ms. McCray has created one hot, sexy couple in Kade and Kelsey while, at the same time, helps illuminate the illegal immigration problem of today from both sides and in a sympathetic view--not an easy job, but admirably done by the superior writing skills of Ms. McCray. This is the third in her "Armed and Dangerous" series, but easily stands alone.
Lani Roberts



Vampires Not Invited

Cheyenne McCray

St. Martins Press

Mass Market




Half‑human, half‑drow, private investigator Nyx thinks she has her hands full with the vampire attacks on the rise in New York City when all of a sudden the Sprite population seems to be going nuts with random acts of crazy vandalism, such as painting the Statue of Liberty's toenails neon pink.  This not only takes up the time of Nyx and the other Night Trackers of the city, it also reeks havoc on the idea of keeping magic secret from normal humans. 

While visiting the Pit, a nightclub for the paranormal population, she finds out that Master Vampire Volad is behind the Sprite'snot‑so‑random acts of vandalism.  His plan is to create a distraction while targeting the paranormal population and their weaknesses in his never ending plan for domination. Nyx and the other Night Trackers are all that stand in his way.

This is the third installment of the "Night Tracker" series by this interesting author.  As usual, McCray delivers a great story and characters who keep the reader engrossed and waiting for what happens next constantly.  The relationship between Nyx and her human boyfriend heats up during this novel and may just be her best romance to date.  Curl up and be ready to read this

one all in one setting, you won't be able to put it down.

Inez Daylong