Christina Brooke ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Reviews

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Heiress in Love

Christina Brooke

St. Martin's

Mass Market




 Lady Jane Roxdale's life is about to change, again. Having grown up an orphan under the care of the dutiful, but cold, Duke of Montford, then exchanged in marriage for her wealth and now newly widowed, Jane is determined to find some happiness in her life. After the reading of her late husband's will, that hope is suddenly and cruelly extinguished as she finds her only viable option is in marrying the dissolute libertine Constantine Black, who has now inherited, not only her home, but Lucas, her six-year-old charge.

Constantine balks violently at the idea of being forced to marry the ice‑maiden Lady Jane, but if he is ever to salvage his reputation and make a go of the vast estate that is now his, he will have to find a way around her or figure out what to do with her.

This story is the perfect example of why romance novels are so beloved!  Rather than rely on wild escapades and imminent danger, Ms. Brooke delivers exquisite storytelling through the heart and emotions of two flawed but very real characters. Their mistakes and struggles, their steaming hot attraction, and ultimately their growth and resolution, resonate so deeply that one wishes the last page would never come.


T.J. MacKay