Georgina Gentry~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Georgina Gentry


Mass Market




It's 1876 in the fledging state of Texas where there is money to be made for those smart enough or ruthless enough to gamble on this wide, untamed land. It is here that Turquoise Sanchez grows up; spoiled, rich and determined to rise above her Mexican roots to take her place in Austin's high society. Her plans seem destined to succeed, as the state's most eligible bachelor and state senator sets his sights on the beautiful, young debutante. Why is it, then, that an infuriatingly handsome, but poor vaquero's face keeps tormenting her thoughts and desires?  He has nothing to offer her, but his determined, loyal, and brave presence continues to plague her every move. Turquoise is torn between love and prestige, both, it seems, she can't live without.

For anyone who loves a good, old-fashioned black hat vs. white hat western, it doesn't come much better than this! The villains are obvious and evil; the hero is handsome and strong. Although Turquoise's spoiled, childish behavior and Rio's constant defeatist attitude become gratingly annoying at times, the story is always interesting, and the climax an absolute jaw‑dropper. That shocking but perfectly executed plot twist makes Rio well‑worth the read.

Tammy J. Schneider


To Wed a Texan

Georgina Gentry

Zebra Mass Market

Historical Romance

ISBN 978-0821779910



Mrs. Bonnie Purdy, president of the Lone Star Ladies for Decency and Decorum arrived at the hotel only to find there was a mix up in her reservations. To remedy the situation, they assigned her to a permanently reserved room for a patron who was not in town. Cash McCalley arrived in town unexpectedly to promote a boxing match, fueling the fury of Mrs. Purdy and her Lone Star ladies.

At their meeting, the ladies decided to gather in force to protest Cash McCalley and his boxing match. Becoming immediate adversaries, for every step McCalley took to organize the fight, Mrs. Purdy and her group were there to fight it.

Ms. Gentry has, again, gifted her readers with a charming and witty historical romance that will be remembered as one of her best. She has brought Texas’ unique style to life with her flair for western tales. 

Lauren Calder