Gregg Hurwitz ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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You're Next

Gregg Hurwitz

St. Martin's Press,




Mike Wingate's father abandoned him when was only four, and he was raised in foster care. His only real friend was Shep. They grew up together in the foster care system and became best friends. Mike had been abandoned out of love, not because his parents didn't care. His parents knew they were about to be killed by two goons who called themselves William and Dodge. Mike would have died, too, but his parents set it up so his location could not be traced.

Years later, Mike Wingate is an adult and has a family. Out of nowhere, William and Dodge show up and they do not hide their existence. Their message to Mike is "You're Next." Since Wingate never really got to know who his parents even were and how they died, he is not really aware about how much danger exists. What does "You're Next" even mean?

The key to his survival is to find out about the identity of his parents and then why someone had them killed. That will explain why they wanted to kill a four-year-old boy, also. Inevitably, Mike and Shep will be on a collision course with William and Dodge and there will be only one victor. Dodge is built like a linebacker and William is the smarter of the two, which is not saying much. In a scenario like this, Shep is the kind of man you would want on your side. He is tough and dangerous. That is the kind of friend Mike Wingate needs.

This book was really well done, and readers will not guess the ending no matter how hard they try.

Paul Zunino