Heather MacAllister~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Kept in the Dark

Heather MacAllister

Harlequin Blaze #626

Mass Market




Six years ago Kaia Bennet was in love with Blake McCauley, even though he was a cop and she was from a family of jewel thieves. She trusted him, but he sent her to prison. Now she's out on good behavior and using her skills to prevent crime. Her latest job is an offer she can't refuse. The man whose lies helped to put her in prison wants her help again, and he promises to clear her name if she finds items stolen by his kleptomaniac wife.

The problem is that she must complete her mission, undetected, right under the nose of security while a trunk show is going on in a private home... and Blake is head of security. Kaia's skills are up to the challenge, but can her heart stand the pain of seeing the man who ruined her life?

           Heather MacAllister does a masterful job with Kaia as she transforms from a naïve girl to a tough cookie who can hold a man by the cojones and make moves suitable for any heist thriller. Blake grows, too, as he learns to trust his instincts in this perfectly crafted, compact romance that gets better with every page.


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