Jeff Abbott ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Jeff Abbott

Grand Central Publishing





Jeff Abbott's credentials are as impressive as his stylistic writing.  He has written twelve mystery and suspense novels which have been published in over twenty languages. Abbott is a three‑time nominee for the Edgar Award and a two‑time nominee for the Anthony Award.  His novel Panic was a Thriller Award nominee for best novel and is also a past winner of both the Agatha Award and the Macavity Award for best first novel.

Adrenaline is a thriller that flows rapidly from page to page starting with Sam Capra, a CIA agent who is wrongfully accused of being a traitor. Sam had been a respected and faithful CIA operative who was known for his intelligence. He had been married for three years to a co‑operative who was expecting their first child.

Suddenly, all is swept away from him. His pregnant wife is kidnapped, his office is bombed, his fellow agents are killed and he is left to take the blame for all the misdeeds. Gathered up by the hierarchy of the CIA, he is tortured, interrogated, and put on leave from the agency. Under surveillance, he heals and gains back his strength. Finally, he is allowed a modicum of freedom, but always under the watchful eye of his superior and his operatives.

He gets a job as a bartender in New York City that not only provides him with some extra income beyond his agency salary, but also gives him the opportunity to put into motion his plan to solve his disrupted life. Sam Capra escapes from being under the thumb of his boss Howell and returns to Europe where all of his recent troubles began. He seeks to find his wife, their newborn child, and to exonerate his dirtied name. His quest is stymied by many different underworld characters who block his path; but he dispatches them by using his superior skills in hand‑to‑hand combat as well as using the old fashioned gun.

This thriller is definitely a page-turner. The author skillfully switches from first person narrative of Sam Capra to third person storyteller author Jeff Abbott. This is an adult book because of the number of deaths and some language, but the wonderful descriptive writing of Abbott overshadows this as he spins this yarn of mayhem. Adrenaline is the first book in what shall become the series about Sam Capra as he battles evildoers throughout the world.


Clark Isaacs