Jeff Mariotte ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:  The Burning Season

Jeff Mariotte

Pocket Star

Mass Market




            Shows focusing on the police and forensic now seem to be the most popular on TV. This novel capitalizes on that popularity.  It begins with a fire. Captain Tyler Fontaine is on a mountaintop trying to protect homes from a huge blaze. We hear the man's thoughts as he attempts to keep the fire away from the homes.  Tyler saw fire as sometimes being a thing of beauty, but at the same time, it's a deadly enemy that man could not fully control.

            He was right about that last point. Moments later, the fire cut off all avenues of escape and killed all six men of Engine 42. The CSI team must investigate what happened. How did the fire start? Was it an accident, or was it set? The charred remains of the firefighters are examined and no stone is left unturned. For example, everyone knew the fire killed the firefighters. However, the team was still looking for forensic evidence that would show that the men were alive before the fire started. Then they look for the mechanism of death. It wasn't enough just to get a police report saying what killed the men of Engine 42, the autopsy would have to support that report.

            This story pays attention to detail and is well written. If you like watching police and CSI stories on TV, this book is for you.

Paul Zunino