Joey W. Hill~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Vampire Instinct

Joey W. Hill

Berkley Heat

Trade Paperback




Elisa is a devoted servant to vampire mistress Lady Daniela.  She is devoted, not only to Lady Daniela, but also to the children who were turned into vampires. The problem with the young vampires is bloodlust that they cannot seem to control. Elisa is determined to help them however she can, even if it means leaving the one true home she has ever had.

Lady Daniela sends Elisa and the young vampires off to help Malachi, a man known for his handling of wild creatures. Elisa finds herself drawn to Malachi, even though she does not agree with his way of dealing with what she considers children.

Malachi a Native American vampire who owns his own island and is well known for rehabilitating large wild cats. When asked to help out a group of wild child-like vampires, he is not sure what he can do for them, but takes on the task. With the help of Elisa, he feels he may be able to help some of the young vampires and, at the same time, finds he wants Elisa.

Joey W. Hill's Vampire Instinct gives the reader mystery, magic, passionate heat, and the possibility of love. With titillating new views into the vampire world, Vampire Instinct is an adventure you don't want to miss.

Melody Prater