Kate Cotoner~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Olive Green: The Imperial Cat

Kate Cotoner

Torquere Press





Hirotaro's family hopes that he will be the one to advance his family to the sixth rank of Japanese society, but with his tendency to defy custom and make a spectacle of himself, it seems unlikely. When he rescues an inauspicious gray kitten with no tail from ceremonial drowning, his prospects seem doomed.  But the cat is a magical ghost‑cat, whose human form is that of a handsome nobleman, and together they face love, ridicule and earthquakes to earn Hirotaro's right to wear the olive green of nobility. 

This is a lovely book.  The characters are well defined and likable.  Although not complex or demanding, the plot is well made with all the strands coming together in a very satisfying way in the end.  The setting is unusual and beautifully drawn.  Although I don't know enough to judge the historical accuracy, the author gave me the feeling that she knew what she was talking about.  The story was very engaging, with a hero whose kindness fairly jumped off the page. A slightly slow start and the simplicity of the plot are all that hold this back from the full five stars.