Kris Kennedy~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Kris Kennedy


Mass Market



Sophia and Kier are both seeking the same thing--a ledger that records the evil committed by Sophia's father, Judge Roger Darnley. The judge is dead now, but his foul deeds could send reverberations all the way to the King. Kier once worked for Sophia's father, and now he is back after nearly dying in a fire. His mission is revenge.

Somewhat to their dismay, Sophia and Kier join forces. She enters a dangerous masquerade where she pretends to be Mistral, a wealthy widow now in control of a massive shipping operation. She must play her part carefully and masterfully, as the danger they both face is immense and one wrong step could mean disaster.

At first, Kris Kennedy’s latest is murky and hard to follow, and there's an anachronistic feel that's hard to shake. But as the tale moves on, readers will find themselves hooked and staying up late to follow the tale to its thrilling climax.

Heather Nordahl Files

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