Miranda Neville~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Importance of Being Wicked

Miranda Neville


Mass Market



When Caro Townsend was seventeen, she ran away to Gretna Green to marry. While she had her happy times with her husband, gambling sickness has completely consumed him by the time he died, leaving her completely destitute. She keeps one painting, a Titian, and hides it in a secret room but makes the mistake of telling one loose‑lipped friend, which brings far too much unpleasant attention to her door.

On top of this, her innocent cousin has come to London to stay with her. Anna is tremendously wealthy, and her parents are going about finding her a husband. Her suitor is Thomas Fitzcharles, the Duke of Castleton. His family has always married money, which is why he sets his sights on Anna. But from the start his good intentions are led astray by wild, scandalous Caro who is about as unsuitable as a woman can be. She’s not looking for marriage because a husband would take away her freedom. Though she doesn’t want to look at the man intended for her cousin, he tempts her mightily.

Miranda Neville really hits the big time with her latest, which launches a new series. Her talent hits brilliant new heights in this insightful tale of a wayward lady and her straitlaced man. Readers will especially enjoy the Georgian flavor of the 1800 setting.

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