Shannon K. Butcher~~ 4 1/2 an 5 Star Reviews

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Dying Wish: A Novel of the Sentinel Wars

Shannon K. Butcher


Mass Market




Jackie had been kept captive by demons for years.  Now that she has been freed she just wants to return to her old life. Unfortunately, her rescuers cannot allow that.

The Theronai are a dying race.  Centuries ago, most of their women were slaughtered and their men cursed.  As the centuries pass, these warriors slowly lost their souls.  When their souls are completely gone, they become monsters that live only to kill.  Recently it has been discovered that some human women have the ability to restore these men's souls. Jackie is one of the women.

The Theronai leader refuses to let Jackie leave their fortress until she chooses a champion.  Her choice will save the man's life.  Resigned, Jackie chooses the only warrior who doesn't have any expectations of her.

Iain has no expectations because his soul is already dead.  He plans to reject Jackie, but a situation arises that requires the couple to join.  Against his will, Iain falls for Jackie, but he knows that his monster will soon break free.  He must find a way to kill himself that won’t cause a backlash and take Jackie with him. Meanwhile, the demons continue to hunt for Jackie and capture other young girls.

This is a continuation of a series that can be read alone.  Although there is vulgar language sprinkled throughout it, this is a really good book.

Sheila Griffin


Living Nightmare

Shannon K. Butcher


Mass Market  




Nika believes with all of her being that her sister has been held captive by the Synestryn for the past nine years when everyone else believes her to be dead.  Now she is getting desperate as she feels the psychic bond they share fading, and she fears that unless she is able to rescue her soon she really will die. 

Madoc swore never to enter Dabyr again, as he fears with

his soul nearly dead he might hurt those he is to protect especially Nika.  He knows that she is believed to be insane by all of those around her, and despite this, he finds himself drawn to her in ways that reach much further than just protection.  As he is set to enter the Synestryn realm with her on what he believes is a fool's errand to rescue her sister, he fears that the desire he carries for her will be the final straw that will unleash the monster within him and kill what is left of his soul.  Nika carries the same passion for him, and the rescue mission to retrieve her sister not only becomes complicated by this, but they find that this mission might be what is needed to finally end the war with the Synestryn.

This was an excellent installment in Butcher's "Sentinel Wars" series, and while part of the series, it holds its own as a stand alone.  This author has created a rich and engaging world with interesting characters that show a lot of depth and a story that will have you begging for the next installment in this fascinating series.

Inez Daylong


Burning Alive
Shannon K Butcher



     The first book of the Sentinel Wars whets your appetite for the rest of the books in the series. Ms. Butcher is carving her way onto the bestseller list with this phenomenal non-stop ride that will have you preordering the second book the minute you put this one down.