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Devil's Den 
Don Helin
Headline Books, Inc. Trade Paperback


Devil's Den is a supposedly haunted area inside Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, because so many had died there. When Colonel Zack Kelly takes his friend Blake Lannigan into the Den to explore the area and then comes back without her, his mind in a fog, his real problems are only just beginning.

Zack has Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and everyone, including her father, thinks this is the problem. That doesn't put Zack in the clear, however. In fact, her father Sean thinks he did something to her and just doesn't remember. Later on in the story, we learn that his mind was in a fog because his drink was spiked.

Sean is involved in the government and that means that he gets called in to investigate the disappearance. Zack remembered hearing hoof beats and marching feet; so the investigators hire Irish medium Shelia O'Donnell to see if ghosts are
involved. They are not involved, but the investigation has to start somewhere and hoof beats and marching feet are the only clues that Zack Kelly can remember. Searching for clues can almost get you killed, as Kelly soon finds out. Hit men almost get him twice, and they knew where to find him, which raises the question of who tipped them off? As the story progresses, it looks more like a conspiracy connected to the Irish Mafia and an intern program that only recruits women who all seem to disappear after they join. Why?

Zack and Shelia become romantically involved. But remember, she's Irish and also has relatives in the Irish Mafia. So he ends up romancing her and watching his back at the same time. It's a good story.

Paul Zunino


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