Elizabeth Essex~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Breath of Scandal

Elizabeth Essex

St Martin's

Mass Market




Antigone Preston had just returned from her father’s funeral when the neighbor, Lord Aldridge, stopped by to finish the arrangement of her betrothal; a betrothal she was forced to accept for the sake of her family. Her mother promised that it would not be a permanent betrothal and that it would be kept a secret until their situation improved.

Captain William Jellicoe was biding his time waiting for a ship to sail so he could leave the shallow lifestyle behind. He did not expect to be entertained in such an unusual fashion at such a dull affair, when he had the pleasure of witnessing one of the ton being knocked out by a lady who was being rushed away from the scandalous scene. The more he became acquainted with the feisty Antigone, the more intrigued he became.

Creating two very strong‑willed characters and a mouthwatering romance, Ms. Essex has penned a deliciously compelling and heartwarming story that will keep the reader glued to the pages until the very end.

Lauren Calder

The Danger of Desire

Elizabeth Essex


Trade Paperback




Meggs and the Tanner were two of the best pickpockets the mean streets of London had ever seen. Many of the "tosh nobs" of the ton would find their pockets considerably lighter after a run‑in with the two lightning quick thieves. Not only were they good at their vocation, but Meggs, the elder of the two, also thought fast on her feet. She had to. That was the only thing that kept her and her little brother Timmy "the Tanner," from swinging from the gallows and enabled them to eat at least almost every day. Timmy was way too thin for a twelve‑year old, and Meggs had made a vow that her brother would not grow up in this way. She almost had enough money saved to get them out of the life and back to the country where she had a vague memory of lots of food, warmth all the time, green grass, baking bread and unconditional love from parents she barely remembered. Then she met the strange man with the cold ice‑blue eyes and, for the first time, something went wrong and she desperately needed help.

Captain Hugh McAlden sat in the Admiralty building nursing his injured leg. He hated not being on his ship, The Dangerous, but until his leg healed, he was land bound. Then Sir Charles Middleton called him to service for his country. Someone was leaking secrets to the French, and they needed to find the traitor. The only problem was that the only person who could be helping the enemy was one of the Lords  

Commissioners, all high‑ranking members of the ton. Hugh definitely could be counted on to ferret out the traitor; he had the rank and societal standing--none of which he cared anything about, much to the dismay of his mother--but he needed someone to actually do the stealing. Then he spotted the grimy urchin with the quick fingers and even quicker mind and realized he had found his accomplice in spying.

The best part of The Danger of Desire is the witty dialogue between our two protagonists. Meggs speaks in street Cockney and sometimes is hard to decipher exactly what she's talking about, which only adds to the frustration of the uptight ship captain who is trying to uncover a spy.  Though he needs her help, he isn't even sure that Meggs is who she says she is. As the two of them work together and find themselves falling in love, Hugh becomes even more convinced that there is more to Meggs than meets the eye. The Danger of Desire is cleverly written with a sexy undertone that will keep the reader glued to each page from beginning to the surprising end.

Lani Roberts


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