K.M. Weiland~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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K.M. Weiland
Pen For A Sword Publishing
Trade Paperback
     Few speculative fiction books grab readers' interest from page one and hold it through the end of the book. Dreamlander by K.M. Weiland is one of those.  What makes her book stand‑alone from many published each year is the outstanding style of this very talented author. We often hear the phrase, "practice what you preach," and K.M. not only practices, she embellishes.  Dreamlander is the embodiment of conflict, tension, surprises, and almost any other adjective you can think of to describe a thriller.
     Dreamlander is based on an interesting concept--some people can transcend from this world to another when they are asleep. K. M. calls them "The Gifted!"  Her main character Chris Redston has a recurring dream, which takes him to another world. He discovers in this other world that he has to save it from disaster! Chris does not have a background that prepares him for battles with primitive swords or ancient guns that could only fire one bullet at a time.  In fact, he was an ordinary man living in modern times.  However, when in the dream world, he discovers that he has talent to be an excellent swordsman and strategist.
     What also makes this book unusual is that characters from this world are normal, everyday people. Those in the dream world are more interesting.  What makes this an outstanding book is the fact it does not us offensive language and youngsters from age 12 and up can read it without their parents needing to protect them. On the other hand, the parents can read and enjoy this same book, which leads to a win-win situation for all readers.
     K. M. ties the end of the book up in marvelous fashion by taking her readers to a specially constructed website where there is music, outtakes, and more dialogue between the characters. This is a five star book!
Clark Isaacs

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