Lauren Jameson~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Lauren Jameson
New American Library
Trade Paperback
978 0451466631

     Samantha Collins looked at her exotic emerald green glass sculpture and still couldn’t believe that it had been chosen for exhibition at Indulgencia. She had poured all her pent up sexual frustrations into that sculpture but figured nobody would know that secret but her. She had entered the piece on a whim. Indulgencia was a luxury resort in Cabo San Lucas, where Samantha now lived. But the thing Indulgencia was most famous, or infamous, for was the small exclusive BDSM club, Devorar, that catered to the various sexual predilections of its wealthy clientele. Samantha wanted to see inside Devorar but wasn’t sure if she could handle what she might see or find out about herself.
     Sexy, rich, and powerful Dom Elijah Masterson watched Samantha very carefully. From the moment he saw her sculpture, he could tell that she wanted to be a submissive but had never indulged in the lifestyle. Elijah owned Indulgencia, along with several other clubs, properties and other things around the country. He had everything he could ever want, more money that he could ever spend, women begging him to dominate them and business interests to keep him busy. But Elijah was bored, and something about Samantha intrigued him.
     Lauren Jameson has penned a sexy, romantic how to instruction manual on the BDSM lifestyle with Breathe. Elijah is a force to be reckoned with, and Samantha is just the woman to do it. She’s not your meek little slave looking for a man to bully her, but a strong, self sufficient woman looking for an equally strong man to love and Elijah fills that role perfectly. This is a love story with super sexy love scenes and lots of understanding that makes it a joy to read all night long.
Lani Roberts


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