Lynn Townsend~~4 and 5 Star Reviews

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Synchronous Rotations

Lynn Townsend

Torquere Press




 Duncan Farnsworth is a vampire. Nigel Ashdown is a man who died but has a mechanical heart. While on board a ship, Nigel sees Duncan and follows him to find him wooing the captain's lover. The three of them retire to her cabin and have a very wild night together.

            There aren't enough ways to say love this. The plot is right on the money with the popular vampire theme, and the threesome doesn't hurt. This story had good characters and development. And the pacing, as well, was just perfect leading to an appropriate conclusion.

Lenore Lovecraft

He Loves Me For My Brainsss

Lynn Townsend, Rob Rosen, Alyx Shaw, Damian Serbu, K.C. Morgan, V.L. Locey
Torquere Press

     This anthology is a must read for those who not only enjoy the male/male genre, but those who are gearing up for the zombie apocalypse, as well! It’s a unique collection of short stories offering something for everyone, the various authors bringing a different taste and feel to each story. Some are romantic, some are humorous, and some are sexy, but all are refreshing takes on this insanely popular niche in paranormal romance.
Mallory Lane

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