Pamela Clare~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Striking Distance

Pamela Clare


Mass Market

978 0425257357


 Navy SEAL Javier Corbray and TV reporter Laura Nilsson had spent an intensely passionate, no-strings-attached weekend together in Dubai, but by the end of their time together both had decided they wanted more. They never got the chance, though, because while reporting a story, Laura was kidnapped live on the air and was thought to have been beheaded by Al Qaeda.

 Javier has seen a lot in his fourteen years as a Navy SEAL, but nothing could prepare him for the unexpected outcome of one mission in particular--the rescue of Laura Nilsson, the woman he and the rest of the world had thought dead for the past eighteen months, the woman he’d never stopped wanting, never stopped caring about.

 Now that she’s home, Laura is moving forward, putting the pieces of her life back together, but she’s determined to  find out who kidnapped her, and why.  Javier will do whatever he has to do to protect her from those who want her dead.

Striking Distance is the sixth book in Pamela Clare’s romantic suspense “I Team” series. It’s a gripping story that takes us deep into the heart and mind of a woman who has endured almost two years of rape and mental and emotional torture. It’s not always an easy story to read, but Ms. Clare handles the subject of rape with compassion, giving Javier and Laura a truly beautiful, well deserved, “happily ever after.” Pamela Clare is one of the great voices in the romantic suspense genre, delivering compelling, entertaining stories that pull readers in and keep them there, start to finish. Fans of slightly darker romantic suspense will definitely want to read Striking Distance.

Mallory Lane


Striking Distance
Pamela Clare
Berkley Sensation
Mass Market
978 0425257357

     Pamela Clare's newest "I Team" series romantic suspense novel is about Laura Nilsson, a journalist who was captured by Al Qaeda associated terrorists. Navy SEAL, Javier Corbray spent three exciting and passionate days with Laura, only to hear months later that she was dead. To avenge her death, Javier signs up to bring him in, only to discover that Laura is still alive in his camp. Two years later, Javier's and Laura's paths intersect, and she’s in danger again. Their feelings for each other are as strong as ever, despite their time apart. Javier stands in the gap for Laura in the face of attempts on her life, helping to heal her hurting psyche.
     Striking Distance is an excellent novel. Clare writes hot, exciting romance along with an intelligent, socially relevant story, appealing to readers who like their romance thoughtful and textured. Laura is strong and courageous, determined to rebuild her life in the aftermath of the horrendous torture she experienced. Javier is fierce, protective and passionate, showing so much tenderness for Laura, who's dealing with intense emotional wounds. Readers will love this sexy, thrilling romantic suspense novel, and root for Laura and Javier to get their happy ending.
Danielle Hill



Pamela Clare

Leisure, Mass Market

ISBN 978-0843954890



After the death of her father, Amalie Chauvenet stayed at Fort Carillon, under the guardianship of Chevalier de Boulamaque. If the danger of warfare and the enemy MacKinnon Rangers, Amalie would have already been safely wed or on her way back to the Abbey.

Major Morgan MacKinnon, leader of the Rangers, was injured and captured during a skirmish. Amalie tended him at the hospital. The surgeon protected him temporarily fromt eh inevitable, his pending interrogation and cross examination. Once that was done, they would determine how he would die.

As quickly as Morgan MacKinnon was captured, so did the reader. Gripped in a tight hold from page one, Ms. Clare holds the reader with her talented fingers, creating an intricate voyage to the past. 

Lauren Calder


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