Pat Tucker ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Social Affair
Pat Tucker & Earl Sewell
Strebor Publishing
Trade Paperback
          Codi hated her life. Larry, her old man, was a sanitation worker who didn’t even bother taking a shower when he got home from work. He was always complaining about something--the house was dirty, she was lazy, she couldn’t cook, etc., etc. They owed bills all over town. Codi desperately wanted something different. Then her best friend, Katina, took her to lunch looking like she had just come into a million dollars and told Codi how she could make lots of money and live a different life--in cyberspace. And she didn’t even have to take her clothes off! Thus, Candi was born.
          Quinn hated his life. He was a nice guy who had always wanted to be a "playa," but, instead, had gotten a girl pregnant, married her and now lived a miserable life as a used car salesman with a wife who constantly bitched at him and a live‑in sister‑in‑law he couldn’t get out of his house. He had been sickly as a child, and Tameecia had helped him get better and feel good about himself when they had first met.  Now she still thought of him as that sickly boy she had met and refused to respect him as the man of the house. Quinn desperately wanted to be like his cousin Calvin who was an ex‑NBA player and a serious ladies’ man. Calvin had it going on and the money to work it with! When Quinn confided in Calvin how he was feeling, Calvin decided to show him how he could live the life he wanted--in cyberspace. Thus, Dr. Julius Cole was born.
          Everybody nowadays knows someone who is using chat rooms, whether for harmless diversion, making money, meeting a potential mate or fulfilling a fantasy. Authors Tucker and Sewell take the reader into the world of cyberspace flirting where perfectly normal people get hooked onto cyberspace chat rooms and turn themselves into the fantasy people they’ve always wanted to be. They show us how addictive the practice can be, albeit a lot of fun until you get caught, but, also, how dangerous and destructive to your real life. Following the lives of Codi, Quinn and Calvin, written in an interesting, first person narrative is fun to read and easy to understand their reasoning for doing what they do. The only problem this reviewer had was the rather abrupt ending and the profanity used throughout the book. Other than that, it’s a great, insightful and, definitely, eye‑opening read.
Lani Roberts

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