Shamara Ray~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Shamara Ray
Strebor PublishingTrade Paperback

      Melina Bradford was a top executive, well‑to‑do, beautiful African‑American woman whose boyfriend was the wealthy Ellis Harlow III. She was living the high life--going to posh restaurants with Ellis, being picked up from her brownstone in his limo, staying at his mansion--it was everything she had always wanted, wasn’t it? Ellis was a hard worker; he had to be to run his father’s company successfully, so just because he wasn’t very attentive to Melina on those days when she needed it didn’t mean he didn’t love her, did it? And just because his mother thought she wasn’t good enough for her precious son, didn’t mean that she was right, did it?
     Malik Denton worked for the ad agency Newport and Donner and was a certified playboy. He believed in dating as many ladies as he could but wasn’t cruel about it. Every one of his women knew where she stood before he took them home. He was just laid back and believed in having fun until he met the right woman--after he opened his own ad agency.  And he was also Melina's roommate. Ellis didn’t like it, but Melina was her own woman and wasn’t ready to go the next step of moving in with Ellis. And with the prices of real estate in this economy, Malik was a necessary evil or a gorgeous godsend.
     A beautiful woman "caught" between two handsome men--one filthy rich, cultured and seriously work‑driven with a mother steeped in snobbishness and the other laid‑back, fun‑loving (in bed and out) and a self‑made success that has the advantage of living in the same house. What’s a girl to do? Would that we all have such choices to make. But the insight and compassion used by Ms. Ray in writing about this dilemma puts into perspective that life is not all about looks and money. Her characters are well developed and make what could have been just a fluff piece about the rich, a book about relationships and the deeper meaning of life. An excellent and entertaining read.
Lani Roberts

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