Armand Cabasson~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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The Officer’s Prey

Armand Cabasson

Gallic Books

Trade Paperback

978 1906040826


  Captain Quentin Margont is tasked to catch a brutal murderer of women. This historical thriller set during Napoleon’s Army campaign for Russia. Translated from its original French, The Officer’s Prey is a compelling, well plotted mix of mystery and military fiction.

 The juxtaposition of Napoleon’s ill-fated invasion of Russia with procedural aspects of catching a deranged would be serial killer succeeds. Readers with an interest in military history will appreciate descriptions of the inner workings of various army companies and the resulting cultural fusion from the dictator’s conquering/inclusion of various European countries and their forces into his massive army.  This is integral to the process of Margont’s hunt for a murderer in the ranks because he must use his knowledge of army workings and human psychology to ferret out a manipulative and clever culprit, who is destabilizing with each murder. Such a large scale conflict seemingly precludes a close study of characters, but the author succeeds in presenting a microcosm of humanity from that campaign as Margont works with his friends and colleagues to survive each battle and to sort through a list of suspects. 

The Officer’s Prey is recommended for military history and mystery readers.

Danielle Hill 



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