Cassie Alexander~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Deadshifted (Edie Spence Book 4) 

Cassie Alexander

St. Martin’s Mass Market

978 1250037947



 Edie is a nurse. She’s a human, but due to her previous job at a hospital for paranormals, she knows way more about the supernatural world than she wishes she did. Her boyfriend Asher is a shapeshifter. He can assume the appearance of anyone he touches.

Asher has booked them on a two week vacation cruise. Once they’re on board, Asher spots someone he knows. Nathanial is an extremely evil man, and he has a grudge against Asher. Fortunately, he’s never seen Asher’s current form.

During breakfast, a young boy becomes violently ill. He’s taken away, never to be seen again. He’s just one of many. Soon more people are sick than are well.  Asher is positive that Nathanial is causing the epidemic. Now he’s just got to figure out what he’s done and how to reverse it. There are rumors of a ship coming to evacuate the sick people, but the people on the “rescue” boat have a different agenda.

This is a continuation of a series. It is not imperative that one read the previous stories before reading this one, but it is strongly advised.

Despite explicit sex and foul language, it’s a really good book.

Sheila Griffin

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