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Not Quite Forever

Catherine Bybee

Montlake Romance

Trade Paper




Dakota Laurens is a bestselling author of erotic romance. She is attending a romance convention at a hotel which is also hosting a convention for medical professionals. She meets Dr. Walt Eddy when they discover that due to a hotel mix‑up they have been assigned the same room for their presentations. Walt is given a new room, but not before an attraction sparks.

They discover that they live not far from each other in Southern California, but their busy lives make it difficult to get a relationship off the ground. Even when things start to go well, a painful loss years before will rock his ability to connect with Dakota, as his fears of losing her push him to walk away.

Catherine Bybee's latest title is a blast for romance fans, with its peek at conventions and pieces of the writing life. It’s part of a series but stands alone. Her combination of issues--dealing with death, difficult parents, juggling a love life with a demanding job and a marvelous sense of humor make this tale a thorough pleasure.

Heather Nordahl Files


Silent Vows

Catherine Bybee

Wild Rose Press





Myra MacCoinnich knew her life, as she knew it, was over.  As the only Druid virgin left, Myra's mother knew that meant Myra's life was in danger from Grainna, the Ancient, who needed Druid virgin blood to renew her immortality.  The MacCoinnichs were Druids, though they tried to keep their family legacy and the powers that came with them a secret.  Now that Grainna had returned to the 16th century, Myra's life was in danger, and her family was sending her to the 21st century for her own safety. Her sister‑in‑law Tara was from the 21st century; so Myra had the clothes and vernacular of the time to help her when she arrived.  But unless she could convince Tara's sister Lizzy she was for real and solicit her help, Myra would be on her own--four hundred years in the future.

Anaheim police officer Todd Blakeley was very frustrated. He had been working on the missing woman's case for months now with absolutely no leads. Even the woman's sister, Lizzy couldn't tell the police how or why Tara had disappeared. It was like she had dropped off the face of the earth. Now another woman, an old fortuneteller who worked Renaissance Faires, had disappeared just as suddenly. Todd had just decided to take the rest of the night off and rest his brain when the call came in about a confused woman with a strange Scottish accent found wandering around Magicland. Any other time, he would have ignored the call, but when he heard that the young lady kept asking for an Elizabeth McAllister, he decided to check her out himself.

After meeting Myra, he had no doubt she was a scammer, but there was something about her--an innocence and naiveté that seemed to be from another time--that called to something deep inside him.

Silent Vows is a fascinating time‑travel tale of ancient Druids and modern heroes that pulls the reader in from the very first page. Ms. Bybee has created a myriad of characters that immediately forge a bond with the reader and take them back into the 16th century with skillful ease. Her combination of time‑travel, ancient magic and 16th century Scottish culture with a 21st century male macho law enforcer hero is absolutely brilliant and hilarious. And Todd quickly discovers that his modern machismo doesn't hold a candle to a 16th century Scottish warrior's.  This is the second book of a trilogy, but easily stands alone. This trilogy is hot and definitely a keeper!

Lani Roberts

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