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Virtue Falls
Christina Dodd
St. Martin’s Press
978 1250028419


       Welcome to Virtue Falls, Washington, the site of a severe earthquake/tsunami and a twenty plus year old murder that damaged the lives of Elizabeth Banner and her father Charles -accused of murdering his wife. Elizabeth moves back to town after her divorce, using the opportunity to get to know her father before his Alzheimer's progresses and investigate the murder of her mother, which she doesn't remember. A geologist (like her father), her scientific inquiry is perked by the earthquake/tsunami.
      The aftermath uncovers her mother's corpse and proof that her father may not have committed the murder. Garik Jacobsen rushes to town to check on Elizabeth, his ex wife, and his foster mother Margaret. A disgraced FBI agent, he’s perfect to help investigate the cold case, exposing a shocking connection to an ongoing series of murders.
      Virtue Falls is a mix of suspense and small town contemporary romance. Elizabeth and Garik are meant to be together, obviously deeply in love, with electric chemistry. Charles' sympathetic characterization almost steals the show; his past memories of his beloved wife and present suffering poignant. The novel also has distinctive secondary characters. While the mystery plotting lacked depth, this is a very good novel that will have crossover appeal between thriller/suspense fans and romance readers.
Danielle Hill



Chains of Fire: The Chosen Ones

Christina Dodd

Signet Select

Mass Market




Legend says that abandoned children receive special powers. They can choose to use them for good or for evil. The ones who choose good are The Chosen. The ones who choose evil are The Others.

Isabelle was abandoned as a child. She was adopted by a rich couple. Samuel was also abandoned as a child. He was adopted by the rich couple's butler. They are part of The Chosen.  Isabelle and Samuel have been in love since they were small children, but they just can't seem to make being a couple work out. The last time they were together, Samuel betrayed Isabelle, and she vowed to never forgive him. Unfortunately, their job of rescuing children forces them together time and time again. 

The latest rescue takes place in Switzerland. After freeing the boy, they are trapped by an avalanche. At first they ignore their overwhelming attraction, but as hope of rescue fades, they turn to each other and admit that they still love each other. If they are going to die, at least they will die in the arms of their true love. 

This is a continuation of a series that can be read alone. The hero is somewhat annoying, but underneath his gruff exterior, he truly loves the heroine. There are many graphic sex scenes. This is a good book.

Sheila Griffin


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