Christine Warren ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Stone Cold Lover
Christine Warren
St. Martin’s
Trade Paperback

     He was a Guardian. That was all he knew. He slept for thousands of years in his stone prison until awakened by his personal Warden when needed to combat one of the seven demons of the Darkness. So when Spar woke, ready to do battle, he was confused when he saw no threat, only a small female figure huddled at the base of his pedestal. Then the stench of pure evil filled his nostrils just before a sickly malevolent light shot out from across the room toward the small female and Spar rose with a mighty roar, spread his wings, and attacked the nocturni.
     Felicity, or “Fil” as she preferred, was an art restorer. She also could read the magic in auras that surround people, but kept that part of her life secret from everyone except her BFF, Ella Harrow. So when Ella asked her to locate a valuable piece of artwork in the shape of a stone gargoyle, Fil immediately accepted. But when she found the gargoyle, then was attacked by a strange, evil glowing little man, and was saved by that same stone gargoyle, she knew Ella had some “‘splainin’ to do.” As the gorgeous, chiseled (no pun intended), seven-foot man whose claws and wings had mysteriously disappeared tried to explain his name was Spar and he was a Guardian, Fil knew she was destined for the looney bin. But, if luck was on her side, just maybe they would let her take Spar with her!
     Christine Warren’s second novel in her “Guardian” series is a wild, non-stop, romp through the world of magic and good versus evil, but can easily stand alone. Spar is the strong silent type (literally!) who is confused with the modern world, but knows what needs to be done to combat the evil that is threatening the world. Fil is a lot of fun with a quick wit trying to deal with a world she didn’t know existed and her desire for a stone statue. The sexual tension between the two is hilarious as they work out exactly how to combat the nocturni and the hierophant that is threatening the world and their happiness. A really fun read.
Lani Roberts



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