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The Winter King 
C.L. Wilson
Mass Market
978 0062018977

     Khamsin Coruscate is the fourth daughter of the King of Summerlea, but few know she exists. Her father blames her for her mother’s death, and she has lived in the rougher parts of the castle, wearing castoffs and having little company. Summerlea is at war with Wintercraig, but now King Wynter Atrialan has won and has come to the castle to claim the spoils of his victory.
     Wynter has lost much to the Summerlanders. Kham’s brother Falcon killed Wynter’s teenage brother as he fled the country with Wynter’s betrothed. In his rage and pain, he sought the dangerous gifts of the Ice Heart, and his magic has devastated Summerlea in the years since. Now he wants to crush King Verdan’s spirit; so he demands marriage to one of Verdan’s three beloved daughters. Instead, Verdan gives him Kham, the unknown fourth daughter, and he beats her viciously to gain her consent.
     C.L. Wilson’s latest is a standalone fantasy romance, lush with description and strongly portrayed characters. A mere summary barely scratches the surface of events in the long, immersive story. Many fantasy elements may feel familiar, but fresh touches make the tale more vibrant, and the Scandinavian flavored Wintercraig is a particularly vivid delight.
Heather Nordahl Files



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