Dean Crawford~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Dean Crawford

     If you like science fiction’s sub-genre of time travel, this is probably one of the best books that you will ever find. Crawford has researched current theories regarding time travel, and his effort shows up on the quality of his story.
     Apocalypse begins with a woman and her child each murdered by a gunshot to the head. Captain Kyle Sears is at the location. The husband, physicist Charles Purcell, calls and says that he is not the killer, but within 24 hours he, too, will be killed. The reason he knows is because he can see the future.
     Time itself is a mystery not fully understood. The reason why Newtonian Physics and Quantum Physics contradict each other is that they see the world differently. Newtonian Physics sees the world as a big machine. You hit a billiard ball, and it hits others, and this causes a chain reaction that can be measured. Time is one of the constants used to analyze what has happened. In Quantum Physics, things are viewed on the atomic level and time doesn’t mean the same thing. Some scientists think that our view of time as being one event following another is an illusion. They think that our view that there is a past, present and future is meaningless on the atomic level.
     Getting back to the story, the search for Purcell will lead to a dome-like structure at the bottom of the ocean. The energy that makes it warp space and time to display tomorrow could destroy the world. This story is fast paced and very well done.
Paul Zunino


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