Eden Davis~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Dare to Be Wild

Eden Davis

Strebor Books

Trade Paperback

978 1593093433


 Livia Charles had a new lease on life--literally. She was a breast cancer survivor, on the tail end of 49, divorced after 23 years of marriage, and was celebrating her new perky, perfect 36 C’s that she had paid for after her double mastectomy. Now her girlfriends were have a coming out party for her and her new breasts and determined that the sexual drought she had been going through deserved to be over. They were going to make sure that the conservative Ms. Charles finally got out of her comfort zone!

 When Livia realized what her friends were up to, she was totally embarrassed and uncomfortable. She was raised Catholic and had been a virgin when she got married to her sexually unadventurous husband. Now, 25 years later, she felt good, looked good and decided to listen to her outrageous friends. They had her make up a sexual bucket list of all the things she had ever wanted to experience. She was to try and complete the list before her 50th birthday in a few weeks. Livia thought when she met handsome, adventurous 32 year old Mitchell on a nude beach in St. Bard, the things on her list would definitely start getting crossed off!

 This reviewer had never read any of Ms. Davis’ works, but after reading Dare to be Wild, I would like to congratulate her on filling a badly neglected niche in the romance novel genre. Her older female/ younger male erotic theme is well written with deeply involved characters that are more than just sexual freaks. She lets the reader know that it is okay to explore your more adventurous sexual side, no matter your age or his age, and to do it without guilt or judgment, just safely. Her novels feel like she is speaking to every sexually repressed middle aged woman who ever read a romance novel and thought, “That’s nice, but a fantasy.” Her books let you dare to dream and know that anything is possible.

Lani Roberts



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