Elizabeth Heiter ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Elizabeth Heiter

Harlequin Books

Trade Paperback




            It is a known fact that if a grizzly bear knows that someone is following his tracks, it will walk in a circle and come up from behind. The hunter becomes the hunter. Criminal Profiler Evelyn Baine is going to learn the hard way that the serial killer she is trying to catch will be hunting her in Hunted.

            Baine really knows her job. Often, she goes to prisons and interviews serial killers so she can see into their minds. She pretends to admire them so they will open up to her and brag about their crimes. If you understand how their minds work, you can catch them.

            Serial killers basically follow similar patterns. However, Evelyn Baine is about to go up against one of these monsters, and he doesn't fit into any of those patterns or stereotypes. This guy kills women, cuts a hole in their chests and then half buries them in the woods. Since he is the only one who knows why this is done, profilers have a hard time figuring out what his next move will be.

            Early on in the story, Baine is attacked by the serial killer, but gets away. But she is not safe from him. Halfway through the book, we learn who is suspected of committing the crimes. Now you would think that Baine would no longer be in danger after his identity is learned. However, this is not the case. He is not just a serial killer; he is a very accomplished serial killer. Very sneaky! In his screwed up mind, it's just a big game, and he is just going up against an opponent who must be destroyed. Very well done with a fantastic ending!

Paul Zunino



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