Elizabeth Lane ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Sinful Seduction
Elizabeth Lane
Harlequin Desire
Mass Market
978 037373231

     Cal Jeffords mourned the death of his best friend and business partner Nick, a friend who had committed suicide under a suspicious scandal. His widow Megan had run away; disappeared from the radar the next day and had not been found. However, Cal was not going to give up looking for her. He blamed her for the embezzlement of the charity foundation, and he was going to make her pay.
     After Cal had threatened her, Megan ran as far away from him as possible. She had not embezzled any money from the foundation, but Cal would never believe her. She buried herself in Africa working for the very foundation she was accused of embezzling. When she opened the door to him demanding answers, Megan knew she could not run from him anymore. Megan knew Cal would go to any length to find answers, answers she did not have.
     A Sinful Seduction is a fast paced story of intrigue and adventure. Its well developed characters and captivating romance are guaranteed to please.
Lauren Calder


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The Ballad of Emma O'Toole
Elizabeth Lane
Harlequin Historical #1151
Mass Market
     Emma O'Toole loses the father of her unborn child on the night before their wedding. They need more to support them than the mine he owns which has produced only a little silver. So Billy John tries his hand at gambling and gets shot. He dies in Emma’s arms, and all she wants now is to avenge her dead lover. His killer is a gambler named Logan Devereaux. She tells him that she blames him entirely for the tragedy.
     When Logan shot Billy John, he was defending a fellow gambler from Billy John's gun and had no idea that the gun could not fire. He hopes that the evidence will exonerate him, but he is found guilty of manslaughter. The judge, however, offers an unusual alternative to jail--Logan can avoid imprisonment if he marries Emma. If she refuses, he will be set free. She agrees to marry him, but she has every intention of getting vengeance.
     Elizabeth Lane's western tale set in Park City, Utah, is as beautiful as the book's stunning cover. Readers will be enthralled as the pace slows through the middle. The heroine is exquisitely crafted; the hero is excellent, if a bit mysterious; and the villain is an absolute weasel. And the lyrics of "The Ballad of Emma O'Toole" threaded throughout the tale are icing on the cake.

Heather Nordahl Files


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