Jennifer Probst~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Searching for Perfect 
Jennifer Probst
Trade Paperback
978 1476744940

     Kennedy Ashe is co owner of Kinnections, an upscale matchmaking agency in Verily, New York. As the social director, she projects a beautiful, carefree vibe to her clients, but inside she's still the fat girl who was mercilessly tormented in school. She fought her way to her current slim, toned body over time, but she still carries a boatload of body issues seething beneath the surface, apparent only to her friends.
     Then she takes on a new client, Nate Dunkle. Nate is a classic nerd, from the perpetually stained lab coat to the pocket protector and heavy framed glasses. He's looking to get married, but between his horrifying fashion sense and his unpleasantly direct, tactless manner, no woman will come near him. Kennedy sees him as her Eliza Doolittle and relishes the prospect of remaking him in a more appealing image. But his raw sexual appeal-and his attraction to her-is unexpected.
     Jennifer Probst's second book in her series about the Kinnections matchmakers is even better than the first. Both Nate and Kennedy have deep seated issues they must work through that complicate their journey to love, but readers will find it worth the trip.
Heather Nordahl Files




Searching for Someday

Jennifer Probst

Gallery Books

Trade Paperback




            Kate Seymour formed Kinnections Matchmaking with her two best friends in part because she has a special gift. She receives a shock from people who are a perfect match for each other and she gently guides these people together. However, she has been unable to find her own match--she’s been through years of bad dates, some of whom found their matches while with her. But now she’s experienced a shock like no other, and it’s all because of Slade Montgomery.

            Slade comes to Kinnections to protect his sister. The last time Jane suffered heartbreak, she tried to take her own life. Now she’s asserted her independence, moving out and signing up with Kinnections. He’s sure the matchmakers are taking advantage of Jane, and he acts to keep her safe. He threatens Kate and her business, but eventually they come to an agreement: he will join Kinnections, and Kate and her partners will find him his perfect mate. Kate knows that they have an electric connection, but she hopes that if she ignores it, then it will go away. Unfortunately, denying the connection has a price.          

            Jennifer Probst launches a new series with this appealing tale. The characters are well drawn, and their conflicts are convincing. The secondary characters add depth and comic relief to a full‑bodied tale.

Heather Nordahl Files





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