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Until I Saw Your Smile
J.J. Murray
Trade Paperback


     Matthew McConnell is a self-employed lawyer who was recently dumped by his live-in girlfriend Joy.  He decides to get back out in the dating scene, meeting increasingly bizarre women in his search for love.  His latest dating debacle brings him to a coffee shop with affordable drinks, delicious treats, and a warm, pretty owner who becomes his safe port in the stormy seas of his life. The more time Matthew spends with Angela Smith, the more he wants to see her smile, and he realizes the woman he’s been looking for his whole life is right there waiting for him.
     Until I Saw Your Smile has a charming, Lad Lit appeal to the narrative as Matthew’s dating pitfalls unfold, he reflects on past mistakes, and he works to establish an independent law practice.  He sees change when realizing that Angela means so much to him that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her happy is realistic and poignant. Their relationship changes from friends to lovers in a very natural and believable way, making the reader feel how profound true love can be. This is a great, heartwarming romance with a delightful mix of humor, angst, yummy food, and diverse characters.

Danielle Hill


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