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Degrees of Wickedness 
Joyce Humphrey Cares
Sweet Cravings Publishing
Trade Paperback

     Zoe Dardin moved to Vermont to start a new life and to become the proud owner of an historical home that she would be using as an inn. When Zoe learned it was her good friend Brother Frederic that was killed, she was devastated.
     Mike Cavanaugh had just started his position as Chief of Police in the small town of Preston, a choice he preferred over dealing with the crime in NYC. The call about a murder at the monastery was the last thing he had expected.
     Something wasn’t right in the small town of Preston and Zoe, along with Mike, was determined to find out what it was and if it had to do with stolen art. Zoe especially, since the connection between her inn and the monastery kept popping up, along with death threats, and suspicious activity.
     This is an intriguing, steady-paced, mystery that keeps the reader turning the pages from the very beginning.
Lauren Calder


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