Kat Murray~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Busting Loose 
Kat Murray 
Trade Paperback 


            Bea Muldoon had always been known as the selfish, self‑centered sister of the Muldoon clan. She didn’t like the ranch, didn’t ride, and didn’t like getting dirty. She was an actress. So she left the ranch after their mother died and moved to Hollywood to make it big. She figured it didn’t matter to her siblings anyway; they’d just figure she’d mess up. Peyton ran the ranch and Trace was the rodeo champ. But when the siblings found out Peyton and the ranch were in trouble, they both came home to help. Even Bea. She just had to figure out how she could help. Then she ran into Morgan, the town vet. Of course Bea and the rest of the Muldoons had known Morgan since they were children, but she hadn’t seen him since he’d grown up...and he’d grown up really, really well.
            When Morgan first saw Bea, he didn’t recognize her. All he saw was those long, long legs with the Jimmy Choo stilettos at the end of them. Then he realized it was Bea Muldoon, and that made it all the better. Morgan had had a crush on Bea since childhood and didn’t believe her façade of the helpless, self‑centered sister. Then she proved him correct by jumping in to help him at the vet clinic when he was hopelessly overwhelmed. And she was good! Suddenly, Bea had found her place and Morgan had found Bea. But could he get her to give up her Hollywood dreams and stay in their small town?
            This is Kat Murray’s third installment in the Muldoon clan saga and is the most heartwarming of the three. Bea is the most troubled of the three siblings, but she has managed to keep it covered up all her life through acting. The tenderness and understanding shown to her by her siblings and Morgan will melt your heart. An excellent read.

Lani Roberts




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