Kay Thomas ~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Personal Target

Kay Thomas

Avon Impulse





Nick Donovan was recently shot in Mexico. Now he’s back in the United States, still not quite healed, when he learns that his sister‑in‑law Angela has been abducted by the same cartel he was combating in Mexico. Except that, it’s not Angela who has been taken. Their victim is Dr. Jennifer Grayson, Angela’s friend, who was involved with Nick many years ago.

Jennifer has just gone through a grueling divorce and is taking care of Angela’s home and pets when men burst in, take pictures of her, and take her away. Soon, she’s in Mexico, in a house of prostitution, in imminent danger of being put to work. When her first "client" turns out to be Nick, there to rescue her, she begins a whirlwind, perilous journey that will take her to Africa.

Kay Thomas' second "Elite Ops" title is an exhilarating standalone thrill ride. Readers will be left with unanswered, burning questions, but the well‑crafted characters, exacting detail, and intricacy of plot make for a satisfying reading experience.

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