Laura Simcox~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Various States of Undress: Carolina

Laura Simcox

Avon Impulse





Carolina Fulton is the middle child of the President of the United States. She’s engaged but is unsure that he’s the right choice. Then she catches Roger fooling around with another woman, and her fury leads her to land some punches. This makes Jake Baxter feel terrible. He’s the Secret Service agent assigned to her, and he takes his responsibilities seriously. If a scandal happens on his watch, it could mean his job.

Carolina decides her best course of action is to get away from the prying eyes of the media, so she escapes to the family cabin in Wyoming. Jake accompanies her as her protection. He is supposed to have another agent with him, but blizzard conditions keep her from being able to arrive. Jake does not want to risk even the appearance of impropriety, but spending so much time in close proximity with Carolina leads to a temptation neither one can resist.

Laura Simcox launches a promising series with this title, which mixes humor--the Justin Timberlake jokes are hilarious--with poignancy to good effect, and the characterization is sharp and appealing throughout.

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