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The Cowboy’s Destiny

Marin Thomas

Harlequin American #1498

Mass Market





       Buck Owens Cash has been on the outs with his brother since he kept some very important information from him. Now he’s in voluntary exile from his family when his truck gets a flat tire. He’s found on the side of the road by a most unusual white knight, a runaway bride in white leather whose steed is a Harley!

       Destiny Saunders never meant to become pregnant, and now the baby’s father has stood her up at the altar. She finds Buck on her way back to Lizard Gulch, Arizona, and takes him with her on the back of her motorcycle. Not only is Destiny a mechanic, she’s also the mayor of this tiny town of senior citizens. Once Buck is in town, she plots to keep him there a while, though she’s not entirely sure why. And though there’s plenty of sexual tension between them, she does not tell him about the baby she’s expecting.

       Marin Thomas’ latest is part of her "Cash Brothers" series, though it stands alone fairly well. Destiny's band of geriatric misfits adds some fun to the tale, and the land‑development subplot makes for a meatier plot. Destiny's and Buck’s relationship is complicated by outside factors but still packs some sizzle.

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