Mia Marlowe

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Once Upon a Plaid 
Mia Marlowe
Mass Market
978 1420135343

     Katherine Douglas had gone to her father’s keep, Glengarry Castle, to get away from her husband, Laird William Douglas. Unfortunately, the stubborn husband that he was, he followed her, refusing to be away from her during the holy Christmas holidays. Katherine was broken hearted about not being able to give her beloved husband a child. Seeing her sister in law carrying a child and celebrating the holidays with her many children did not help Katherine's outlook.
     When Katherine suggested to William that they request an annulment, William refused to consider it. He loved her, and he married her for life. She was his everything, and William was going to do everything in his power to prove it.
     With the added issue involving her father's illness and his noted and obvious absence from the hall, trouble was brewing behind the castle walls. Enemies who posed as friends, and soon danger would follow and no one would be safe.
     Intricate multiple subplots, entertaining characters, and romantic encounters make this a precious and exciting page-turner.
Lauren Calder


Touch of a Scoundrel

Mia Marlowe


Trade Paperback




Griffin Titus Preston Nash, Lord Devonwood, or Devon as everyone called him, had been given the gift of Sight. He had inherited it from his mother's side of the family, and for the first young years of his life, he had tried to change the outcome of his visions. After his father's death, he finally figured out there was nothing he could do to change the outcome and, in some ways, he was helping facilitate the outcome. So he kept his visions to himself and cut himself off from everyone but his family, and even them, he kept at a distance.

Becoming a peer of the realm at the tender age of fourteen meant that he had a lot of responsibility on his young shoulders. But his young brother Theodore had none of that. He was free to travel, gamble, socialize--all the entertainments that a titled, rich younger brother peer was expected to do. The only problem was that the estate was just barely hanging on. It was only through Devon's ability at the card tables that he was able to keep up appearances and pay the bills.

Not only were Miss Amanda Farnsworth and her father Monty American, but they were con artists. Not necessarily by choice, but by circumstance. Being "in the game" was all Monty knew, and when he adopted Amanda as a child, that's how he raised her. They had lived a good life and only picked gullible people who could afford to lose the money. Now, Amanda was frantic. Monty desperately needed to go to a sanitarium for his health, so they had decided on one last con. While in Egypt, they had picked up a statue that was supposedly priceless and planned on using it to raise funds for an expedition to the Egyptian gravesite for more treasure. But Teddy Nash was desperately in love with Amanda and brought her home to meet his family. When Amanda met Lord Devon, sparks flew and all bets were off!

Touch of a Scoundrel is refreshing in the sense that the scoundrel is female for once. In most historical romances, the male is the ruthless womanizer and the scoundrel, but in this breath of fresh air, the scoundrel is the heroine who is anything but ruthless. It's a love story about two people who actually need each other desperately and manage to solve a fascinating mystery along the way.

Lani Roberts


Touch of a Thief
Mia Marlowe
Brava, Trade Paperback
     Lady Viola Preston promised herself that this would be the last time. None of this would have been necessary if she had just been born a boy. But since she was the only child of the Earl and Countess of Meade, when her father had passed, his earldom and all his holdings had passed to her weasel of a cousin Jerome, who had no interest in keeping Viola and her mother supported in the manner they had become accustomed. They had only Viola's father's unencumbered London townhouse and absolutely no income. So Lady Viola did the only thing, short of selling herself, to support her mother. She donned men's trousers, practiced her art religiously, and became the notorious Mayfair Jewel Thief. It was easy to find where the jewels were kept in the best houses; all the houses of the ton had their safes basically in the same place. And with Viola's special talent of being able to "hear" the real jewels from the fakes and the fact that no member of the London ton would even consider a woman wearing trousers, it was easy pickings to help herself to a few baubles that people could afford to lose. The only downside, beside the fact that she was breaking the law, was the disreputable fence she had to use to sell the jewels and the debilitating headaches that followed her physically touching various jewels. Captain Greydon Quinn, or Lord Ashford as he was known in some circles, loved his adopted country of India. As far as he was concerned, he would never return to London to take up his peerage duties--until he learned that the infamous Baaghh kaakkhuun or Blood of the Tiger had been stolen from the eye of the goddess Shiva. The huge blood red diamond was said to be evil if in the wrong hands. Captain Quinn and his servant Sanjay, in reality the Crown Prince of Amjerat, knew the diamond was on its way to London to be sold. Their plan? Apprehend the Mayfair Jewel Thief and make him steal back the diamond for them. But when Quinn discovered the hidden identity of the Mayfair Jewel Thief, his plans were slightly altered.
     Ms. Marlowe has written an intriguing historical full of mystery, international thievery and sizzling romance. Greydon Quinn has been trained by the best Indian courtesan and doesn't hesitate to use it to coerce Lady Viola to help him with his problem. This storyline has everything, including a touch of the paranormal. A wonderful read!

Lani Roberts


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