M P Knox~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Love Straddle 
M. P. Knox
Love of Books
Trade Paperback
978 0992462307

     Selwyn is a brilliant engineer. Vicki happens to be his obsession. He is attempting to control and predict how she will be in a relationship. All of this is going on while he is climbing the corporate ladder. It seems that he is able to have all the career success he wants but he cannot get Vicki to fit into his projection model graphs. Can their relationship survive such a conflict?
     Love Straddle is one of my favorite books. The plot was interesting and was very realistic. It was also very fun to read about nerd type things that remind me of people I would date. However, the main drawback was the detail of some of Selwyn's work which seemed to slow down the pace.
Lenore Lovecraft

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