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Game On 
Nancy Warren 
Harlequin Blaze #785 
Mass Market 


            Adam Shawnigan is a cop who plays hockey in a league with his two oldest friends. The team is great, but things fall apart come playoff time, and Adam has a lot to do with that poor performance. So one of Adam's friends calls in Serena Long, a performance coach, to help him with his problem. Adam wants nothing to do with it, but at least Serena is beautiful, and he will have someone lovely to look at.
            Serena enjoys helping her clients find the psychological barriers to success and power past them. She uses lessons learned in her own painful past. Adam's attitude is a challenge, but it’s her attraction to him that she really needs to fight. Then a cyber stalker gets more aggressive in his pursuit of her, and Adam uses his cop skills and connections to search for the culprit and keep her safe.
            Nancy Warren launches a new series with this appealing gem. Brilliant characterization and a well‑paced mystery will leave readers satisfied.

Heather Nordahl Files


Power Play
Nancy Warren
Harlequin Blaze #502 Mass Market

         When screaming wakes Emily Saunders at a hotel in Elk Crossing, Idaho, she doesn't know what to expect. It turns out there's a bedbug infestation at the hotel, leaving her with no clothes, as everything needs to be laundered or dry-cleaned. She's not at her best when she meets Jonah Betts-- whom she initially christens "Hairy Guy"-- but they're both in the same boat. Unfortunately, a computer error also puts them in the same hotel room until their clothes and the other rooms are cleaned.
       Jonah, a cop, is in town to compete in a hockey tournament; Emily's a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding, as her butt-ugly bridesmaid's dress makes clear. Emily claims that Jonah is her boyfriend to stop her creepy cousin Buddy from hitting on her. And as they slowly explore their budding attraction, Jonah listens to his cop instincts, which tell him something's not right with Buddy.
       Nancy Warren's latest is an indescribably delicious read. Her characters are wonderfully vivid, there's a sweet secondary romance, and you'll need to keep ice water handy for the sizzling love scenes. You'll love the shocking climax as well. If you read one Blaze this year, this is the one to pick up! 

Heather Nordahl Files



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