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Brotherhood of Fear 
Paul Grossman
St. Martin’s Press

     Brotherhood of Fear begins with Police Inspector Willie Kraus fleeing from Germany into France. Hitler is rising to power. Willie is a German, but he is also a Jew.
     The French have nothing against the Jews, but they don’t care for the Germans because France and Germany have been at war throughout history. One thing that works out in Kraus’ favor is that, as far as police inspectors go, he’s the best of the best.
     Kraus’ reputation gets him a job as a private investigator even though he is an undocumented immigrant. He gets a mundane job following Phillip Junot. Junot is a student, and his parents want to check up on him. Things take a turn for the worse when the boy is killed right in front of Kraus, and the killer gets away.
     The killer got away because he stabbed the boy with a stiletto that had a blade so slender it was almost like a needle. The weapon does as much damage as a big knife, but the victim takes longer to bleed out and often does not even know what happened until it is too late. By the time the victim collapses, the assassin has gotten away.
     Willie Kraus falls for Junot’s girlfriend Vivi. Bad idea. She’s working with the killer. In the end, Willie will face the man with the stiletto in a fight to the death.
     Brother of Fear is a very complex story where nothing is what it seems. Very well done.
Paul Zunino



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