Sabine Starr~~4 and 5 Star Reviews

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Belle Gone Bad 
Sabine Starr
E book
978 1601831460

     Theodore Lafayette Huntingdon, also known as Mercy, was not in the best of health. After a tragedy happened, he decided to leave everything behind and start over in Texas to make his way in the world as an artist. When Texas Belle rode up and he saw her for the first time, all he could think of was wanting to get her on canvas and in his bed.
     Texas Belle Thompson was a bounty hunter. She was determined to find the man who had bushwhacked her father and fiancé. She was going to distribute her own justice.
     Diana, a friend of Mercy’s who was trying to help him heal, was kidnapped, and Mercy tried to get Texas Belle to track Diana down. Belle was not going to take the job until she learned that the kidnapper was the same man who had killed the only people she had ever loved.
     Belle Gone Bad has good strong characters and an adventure that will take the reader on a great ride. The attraction between the characters sizzle, and Ms. Starr sets the pages on fire.

Lauren Calder




Bride Gone Bad 
Sabine Starr 


Tempest Templeton comes to Delaware Bend, Texas, with a temperance group, but her enthusiasm outstrips that of her companions. They are appalled when she uses her hatchet on the town's elaborately carved bar. Because of this, they leave her stranded and obligated to serve jail time, but the town's residents see moneymaking potential in Tempest's actions so they instead put her in the town hotel's best room. She has also acquired a protector.

Lucky Deveraux is more than he seems. And so is Tempest, as he learns when she sees a ghost in her room and helps the spirit to move on. Lucky needs her spiritual gifts, but she has her own mission. She is a divorcee determined to find her ex‑husband so she can get her money back. Tempest does not trust easily, but Lucky has plans for her and has no intention of taking no for an answer.

Sabine Starr's latest features some continuing characters, but can stand alone with ease. Readers who love Westerns and crave something fresh and innovative, pick this tale for your next read! Set in real locations in Texas and Oklahoma, the story begins with the temperance movement, then takes a sharp turn into Native American spirituality from a distinctly paranormal angle. The plot tends to be more interesting than the characters, and the pacing can feel uneven, but overall this tale is highly recommended.

Heather Nordahl Files



Lady Gone Bad
Sabine Starr
Trade Paperback


       Deputy U.S. Marshal Rafe Morgan sat listening to the sultry voice of the legendary singer known as “Lady.” She was gorgeous, mesmerizing and everywhere she sang had men eating out of her hands. Everyone wanted “Lady,” and the Texas Ranger was no exception. She stirred all his manly parts, and he wanted nothing more than to get hot and naked with her. The only problem was that he was an officer of the law and Lady was wanted in several counties in Texas and Arkansas, plus the Indian Territory.

Rafe was determined to bring her back to Indian Territory, then onto Fort Smith for prosecution. And, if she didn’t give him any trouble, he would be able to take some time to look for his missing sister, Crystabelle, who had been kidnapped off of a train by outlaws and had disappeared completely. Rafe had a few leads and was worried sick about his sister but refused to give up, no matter what. First he had an outlaw to take in.
      Sharlot Eachan, the daughter of an Irish farmer and Choctaw mother, was determined to track down the robbers who killed her parents and stole the herd of horses that her father had been building. The only lead she had was that they hid out in Robber’s Roost in Indian Territory, and the only persons allowed in there were outlaws. So she created the persona of “Lady” and traveled the West singing in saloons, building a reputation of being a badass, and tracking down her horse, Copper. And she had almost gathered all the information she needed when she crossed paths with a Texas Ranger named Rafe, who changed everything.
     Lady Gone Bad is one of those Westerns that will stay with you even after you’ve finished reading it. Readers will want to keep it on their shelves to read again and again. The adventures of Lady and Rafe are fast paced and exhilarating, even though the Texas Ranger is a little hard to like at first. But Lady warms him up and will warm up the reader, too.
Lani Roberts


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