Sabrina Darby~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Sabrina Darby

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Kate Mansfield may be lovely, but she has an undesirable reputation among men of the ton. But what comes across as arrogance and bad attitude veils a deep insecurity--her mother constantly criticized Kate, holding up her sister Bianca as the perfect ideal Kate could not achieve. As a result, she pushes Bianca away, and she convinces her father that Bianca cannot have a season until Kate is married.

Peter Colburn, the Duke of Orland, has known Kate for many years and can see beneath the surface to the complicated woman she really is. That does not mean love, he tells himself. When he agrees to court her so that Bianca might finally be free to marry, it’s never a pretense to him.

Sabrina Darby winds up her "Taming Story" duet with this delicious tale. While it’s not necessary to read Woo’d in Haste first, the smooth writing and appealing characters will make readers want to read both short tales with relish.

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