Sara Fawkes~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Breathe Into Me
Sara Fawkes
St. Martin’s Griffin
978 1250048516

     Lacey St. James was born and bred in rural Mississippi and lived in a trailer park with her baby brother and abusive grandmother. She had a dead end job at a grocery store and a bad reputation. Her boyfriend was abusive, and her so called friends just used her. Could her life get any more pathetic? Then one fateful night in a local bar, while being the designated driver for her friend Ashley, Lacey was attacked by her boyfriend and rescued by Everett Ward, and her life changed forever.
     Everett Ward was in town house sitting his parents' mansion in Oyster Cove. He was rich but determined to make it on his own. He had left New York City and come back to the town of his birth to work construction with his friend Trent. When they decided to let off some steam at the local bar, he found himself fascinated with a young lady that seemed to be having more of her share of troubles than normal. He could tell she was sweet and somewhat shy and life had handed her a raw deal. All Everett wanted to do was show her that there was a better life out there than what this town offered. Could he get Lacey to trust him and let him show her a better life?
     Sara Fawkes shows us how cruel a small town and its inhabitants can be in this endearing tale of young love. Both lovers have secrets that they need to get past before they can move on with their lives and learn to trust. Everett is a very likeable hero and is wonderful in his attitude toward Lacey, who has a very hard time trusting anyone, and with good reason. But once their secrets are revealed to each other, will their trust issues stop them from loving one other? A well written, heartstring tugging tale of love and escape that will keep you glued to the pages to the end.
Lani Roberts




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