Sarah Rayner ~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Getting Even
Sarah Rayner
St. Martin’s Griffin
Trade Paperback

     Ivy and Orianna had been a creative team and best friends for several years. They did everything together and told each other everything, until that fateful day at the office Christmas party when Orianna met Dan and they ended up becoming an item. Orianna, having been burnt by an office romance before, wanted to keep their relationship quiet until she was more certain so didn’t confide in Ivy. Then, Orianna got promoted to head creative director at their job, leaving Ivy (and their partnership) behind. Suddenly, Ivy found herself left out and didn’t like it; not one little bit. And she planned on doing something about it.
     Orianna had never really made friends easily until she met Ivy. A lot of people didn’t get along with Ivy, but Orianna liked and trusted her and they made a great working team. Orianna was an art director and Ivy her copywriter and they worked together at an advertising agency. Ivy had helped her through her painful betrayal and breakup with her first boyfriend and Orianna listened to Ivy complain about her husband Ed. They bonded over pizza and wine and came up with great ad copy. When Orianna was offered the job promotion, she refused to take it without Ivy, but was told there was not enough revenue for two creative directors. Orianna, being an honest, loving person, figured Ivy would understand and still planned to work with her. After all, she was her best friend, wasn’t she?
     Getting Even is aptly named. It’s the tale of a backbiting, conniving female whose jealousy over anyone being happier than her makes her do horrible things. Ivy is really hard to like and is very sneaky and underhanded in her dealings with her “best friend.” Orianna, on the other hand, is sweet and lovable, but easily manipulated by Ivy and extremely naïve. This is not the type of story this reviewer likes to read. However, due to the talented writing of Ms. Rayner, when you get to the final comeuppance of Ivy and all her machinations come out, the surprising ending makes it all worthwhile and Getting Even ends on a happy, enjoyable note.
Lani Roberts

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