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Theirs to Cherish
Shayla Black
Berkeley Original
Trade Paperback
978 0425251232

     Callie Ward felt like she had been running and hiding all her life. In reality, it had only been nine years. Since she was the only suspect, at the tender of age of 16, in the double homicide of her billionaire father and younger sister, technically she had been running her entire adult life. Then she found a safe haven at Dominion, the BDSM club run by Mitchell Thorpe, and settled into the lifestyle of a sub. Thorpe allowed her to live at the club and the secluded lifestyle of its members afforded her the anonymity she needed to stay alive from the bounty hunters and FBI looking for her. Thorpe protected her and disciplined her when she needed it--something she had always craved, but he didn’t claim her as his sub.
     Thorpe saw the submissive in Callie the first time he set eyes on her, but knew she could never be his. He would always take care of her, protect her from the bad guys and spank her behind, but he couldn’t claim her. He was too old for her, and knew she needed someone who could give her what he, in his damaged state, could not. Oh, he was a good Dom, just not the one for someone as fragile as Callie. After her first two years at Dominion, he had discovered that she was on the run, but that didn’t matter. She was his, in his head, and no one would take her away from him. Then Sean Fitzpatrick came into the club, took one look at Callie and she at him, and promptly put his collar on her.
     Sean Fitzpatrick was not whom he seemed, but the two things that were true about him were that he was a real Dom and that he cared deeply for Callie. His style of dominance was different from Thorpe’s; he was gentler and used more seductive methods, but was still what Callie needed.
     Theirs to Cherish is exactly as the title suggests: Two men in love, both Doms, and one submissive woman on the run. Shayla Black delves into the rules, regulations and emotional ties of BDSM while writing a love story that will tug at the reader’s heartstrings. Callie is a frustrating heroine with her inability to trust, although her reasoning is completely understandable, and Thorpe is a frustrating Dom with his emotional baggage. Combined with the totally gorgeous Scot, Sean Fitzpatrick, this story will be hard to put down, and the reader will think Callie is a very lucky woman.
Lani Roberts




Mine To Hold

Shayla Black

Berkley Heat

Trade Paperback




Detective Tyler Murphy left everything behind more than two years ago after a night of erotic passion with his best friend's wife. He could not face those he had hurt in the selfish act.  Even after leaving he could not stop thinking about Delany and the love he left behind with her. When Delany shows up with Tyler's two-year-old son asking for help and protection from those out to kill her, he could not turn her or his son away.

Delany never regretted the night of passion she had with Tyler Murphy.  What she does regret is that he never knew he had a son. When her life and that of her son were threatened, she didn’t feel she could turn to her ex‑husband for help. She needed someone she could trust that would protect them and possibly make her feel what she had lost--passion. But, can he keep them safe from those out to harm them?  Tyler and Delany have passion and a child, but can they get past the way things were left? Even though Tyler plans to protect Delany and his son, will they be able to make a new life with each other, or will it all end before it can even begin? 

Shayla Black's Mine To Hold has set the bar high with this fast-paced and emotionally sexy story.  It will pull you in and have you turning the page for more because the action is so hot you can't get enough.

Melody Prater

Surrender to Me

Shayla Black

Berkley Heat

Trade Paperback




Hunter Edgington, confident in all he does in life as a Navy Seal, lives life as he pleases--until a bullet put him out on R&R.  Now he has time to rest and find new things to do.  When his buddy Ben asks him to be a third with him and his friend Kata as her fantasy birthday surprise, Hunter goes to Vegas to help his friend out.  Once he sees Kata he is not sure he wants to share her with Ben. After meeting this strong, vivacious, outgoing, smart, and very beautiful woman, he knows he wants her all to himself.  This scares the hell out of him, since he has never had such a desire for one woman in all his life. One single favor and birthday party has changed his life. Now he has to figure out how to make this woman want him as much as he wants her.

Katalina Munoz's birthday party in Vegas was going as she had hoped--fun, family, and friends.  What more could she want? -- until her friend Ben brings along a buddy to whom she feels so drawn she could not keep her eyes off of him. Why would Ben bring this gorgeous hunk of a man who would make a Greek god pale in comparison? His body screams tall, hard, and don't mess with me confident! If this was her gift, it was going to be the best gift ever. After spending time with Hunter, she new he was going to be hard to have for only one night. She wanted to have more than just this night, but did not want to feel owned by him…or would that be so bad?

     After a great birthday party, then wild sex with Hunter, what is left?  Well, how about a Vegas wedding and a killer after Kata. Kata finds out the next day she is married to Hunter, which isn’t hard to believe since her hangover is so bad she can't remember much, and a killer has been hired to take her out. Her life is now in Hunter's hands, a man she just met and married.   

     Shayla Black's Surrender to Me gives the reader an amazing look into the S&M life style with explicit details that leave nothing to the imagination. This book is scrumptiously erotic, sensual, heady, and very arousing.  This spicy read will leave the reader hot, wet, and then very sated!

Melody Prater

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