Sherrilyn Kenyon~~ 4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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Son of No One
Sherrilyn Kenyon
St. Martin’s Press
978 1250029911

     Jo Landry does not believe in the paranormal at all and is exasperated with her flaky family for their fervent beliefs. But she is desperate for a job, so she accepts a photography gig in a house that is thought to be haunted. She still thinks it’s all hogwash until she falls into a mirror and lands in a strange gray world.
     Cadegan Maboddimun finds her there. He has been consigned to this realm for a thousand years, and loneliness has been his constant companion. Jo is a glorious bright light suddenly dropped into his life, but he can’t believe in her open trust in him after all, he has been betrayed before, and women find him repellent. But he desperately wants to trust in this occasionally incomprehensible woman.
     Sherrilyn Kenyon's latest in her long running "Dark Hunter" series is a surprisingly easy read for the uninitiated, but those readers will immediately hit the bookstores for the other titles. This tale’s light, snarky tone contrasts with some of the dark, dramatic events contained within, making for a delicious page turner.
Heather Nordahl Files



Born of Night
Sherrilyn Kenyon
St. Martin'sMass Market


      In the Ichidian Universe, League assassins do not quit or retire, because that would sign the assassin's own death warrant. But Nykyrian Quiakides does just that and lives to form his own group called the Sentella. He is now one of the most dangerous people alive, having survived the League's numerous attempts to kill him. He rescues Kiara Zamir, daughter of a powerful ruler, from evil men bent on rape and death, then returns her to her father, but the murder attempts will not stop.
     At first Kiara is frightened of Nykyrian, who reminds her all too strongly of the evil men who killed her mother and wounded her when she was just eight years old. But something about him softens her heart. She's a talented dancer who tries to return to the stage, but on the eve of her next performance, someone tries to kill her again. Nykyrian takes her away to his home, which is well hidden in a secret location, and there she discovers his horrific history, that he grew up without a name in some of the most abusive situations imaginable. How he grew into a hard, yet worthy hero, is a marvel, and she falls in love with a most unsuitable man.
     This novel has a long and wayward history, as readers can learn in the opening pages of this book and on Sherrilyn Kenyon's website. The plot follows patterns common in longer classic romances, including misunderstandings and separations, but the characters stay true to themselves. The genre-- futuristic romance-- is not exactly my comfort zone, but this thick, meaty novel makes for compelling reading, and launches a series which happily continues next month. 

Heather Nordahl Files


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