Sophie Jordan~~4 1/2 and 5 Star Reviews

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A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin
Sophie Jordan
Mass Market
978 0062222503

     Rosalie Hughes finished her schooling at the Harwich School for Young Ladies two years ago, but her mother has no interest in assuring her future. Finally, the school cannot support her any more, and her mother is nowhere to be found. Rosalie is dumped on her stepbrother’s doorstep, as she has nowhere else to go.
     Declan, Duke of Banbury, wants nothing to do with Rosalie, as he cannot even look at her without thinking of her despicable, immoral mother. It is her fault that he started on the road to the life of debauchery that he lives today. But his feelings for Rosalie are softer than he wishes to contemplate. So he determines to marry her off to the first man to ask her. He is stunned when she refuses to cooperate with his plan and refuses her first prospect’s suit.
     Sophie Jordan launches a new series, "The Debutante Files," with this sparkling tale. Declan is a dark and tortured hero, and readers will wonder how he will allow himself to let his heart be touched. Rosalie is a wonderful heroine who richly deserves her happy ending.

Heather Nordahl Files|


Sophie Jordan
William Morrow
Trade Paperback
978 0062279873

     Pepper is scarred by her wretched early childhood. She dreams of a life with Hunter Montgomery, her best friend's older brother who has a blessedly normal, loving family. Now he’s broken up with his girlfriend, and it’s her chance to get her dream man. But she’s a virgin with very little experience. How on earth can she catch his eye? 

     Pepper's friend Emerson knows what to do. She needs to find an experienced man to teach her foreplay. The local bar features a hot bartender who would likely be happy to show her the ropes. She reluctantly hits the bar with her friends, and she’s shocked to discover that her prospective instructor is the same gorgeous young man who helped her when her car broke down on a recent night. No matter how tough Reece seems to be, using him in this way is liable to lead to broken hearts, especially factoring in a case of mistaken identity.
     This dream of a novel is everything New Adult romance should be. Sophie Jordan takes a sympathetic, wounded heroine and pairs her with an awesome hero who will leave readers sighing. Reece is so amazing, readers will have no idea how anyone could resist him, and their hearts will bleed for him as he clearly suffers from Pepper's dreams of a perfect future with someone who is not him. This tale is not for younger readers because of language and descriptive sexual situations.

Heather Nordahl Files



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